Gemstones and leather handmade necklaces


106 results
Asilomar Necklace Garnet
Asilomar Necklace Moss Aquamarine
Asilomar Necklace Peridot
Atlas Peak Infinity Necklace Labradorite
Atlas Peak Infinity Necklace Mystic Spinel
Atlas Peak Necklace Moss Aquamarine
Atlas Peak Necklace Mystic Spinel
Atlas Peak Pendant Necklace Labradorite
Atlas Peak Pendant Necklace Moss Aquamarine
Atlas Peak Short Layered Necklace Amazonite
Avalon Necklace Aquamarine
Avalon Necklace Labradorite
Avalon Necklace Pyrite
Bayside Necklace, Aquamarine
Becca Necklace Pink Opal
Bella Oaks Necklace, Aquamarine with Labradorite
Brannan Necklace Moss Agate
Brannan Necklace Quartz
Canyon Necklace Moss Aquamarine
Canyon Necklace Spinel
Carmela Pendant Chrysocolla
Carmela Pendant Dendrite Opal
Catalina Long Necklace Aquamarine
Catalina Long Necklace Sapphire
Catalina Necklace Aquamarine
Catalina Necklace Sapphire
Confetti Infinity Necklace
Cortez Necklace Moonstone
Dillon Necklace, Moss Aquamarine
Elegance ESD Necklace Aqua Quartz
Elegance ESD Necklace Iolite
Elegance ESD Necklace Labradorite
Elegance ESD Necklace Tourmaline
Elegance Infinity Necklace Garnet
Elegance Infinity Necklace Labradorite
Elegance Infinity Necklace, Moonstone
106 results
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