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Product Care

Natural Gemstones are given special attention during our sourcing process, as we hand-select stones for particular loveliness and quality. Oftentimes they have fissures and inclusions that contribute to their beauty and make each one unique. Intrinsically durable, gemstones prefer not to be dropped on hard surfaces or to come in contact with abrasive cleansers.

Deerskin leather lacing is a natural material sourced from wild game and may include markings, which we consider a sign of a life well lived and contributes to the beauty of the material. In terms of care, please note that because it is minimally processed, our leather lacing tends to absorb oils and moisture. This will not affect durability, but may change the appearance somewhat.

Metals: With the exception of gold-plated findings and wire, Sterling silver, brass and bronze used in our jewelry will eventually oxidize (also called ‘patina’ or tarnish). Never fear, it can easily be returned to its original brightness by polishing with a jewelry polishing cloth; or burnishing with any soft cloth to renew luster while retaining oxidation.

Ear wires are always made from nickel-free metals including, silver-plated, gold-plated or specially treated base metal.