Gemstones and leather handmade necklaces


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Napa Necklace 26" Moonstone
Napa Necklace 26" Teal Quartz
Napa Necklace 30" Mystic Spinel
Napa Necklace 36"  Mystic Spinel
Napa Necklace 36" Labradorite
Napa Necklace 36" Moonstone
Napa Necklace 36" Teal Quartz
North Beach Pendant Pyrite
Olivia Street Necklace
Pacific Heights 18" Necklace Spinel
Pacific Heights Long Necklace Spinel
Palisades Necklace
Pebble Beach Necklace
Point Reyes Long Necklace, Moonstone
Point Reyes Necklace, Moonstone
Point Reyes Pendant Necklace, Moonstone
Presidio Necklace Rutilated Quartz
Ridgeline Necklace
Riverlea Necklace Blush Moonstone
Riverlea Necklace Botswana Agate
Riverlea Necklace Grey Moonstone
Riverlea Necklace Unikite
Sea Cliff Necklace Aquamarine
Silverado Necklace
Soda Canyon Infinity Necklace Chrysoprase
Soda Canyon Infinity Necklace Labradorite
Soda Canyon Pendant Necklace Moss Aquamarine
Tina Necklace
Tina Necklace
$ 198.00
Westcliff Necklace Moonstone
101 results
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