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Enjoy the Napa Valley lifestyle as envisioned by jewelry designer Alexia Viola Dahmes. Surround yourself with beauty and immerse yourself in luxury with beautiful gemstones and designs that embrace the rustic elegance of wine country life.

Gemstone Stretch Bracelet, Black Agate
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Headwaters Bracelet Peridot
Surf Necklace, Chalcedony

Rustic Luxe

True comfort and ease is all about balance. It's about surrounding yourself with beauty in a way that feels natural. Our jewelry is designed to nurture your desire for luxury with everyday approachability. By pairing hand selected gemstones with leather, brass and signature metal elements, the balance is achieved. It's at the core of what life in Napa Valley is like. 

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A sense of place...

Misty mornings and mountaintops peaking through the fog. Lichen. Moss. Clear water suspended in the leaves of an Echeveria. Sunsets reflected across the valley against the St. Helena Palisades. And always a glass of wine.

I've been immersed in everything Napa Valley for twenty three years. So when I started making jewelry,  I couldn't help but be inspired by what I saw every day. The sweetness in the air here, the sunshine, soft breezes and delicate rains, the easy-going lifestyle and, of course, the wines, all inform my life and my work. 

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