The Journey

I’m a maker at heart. Both of my parents were artists and makers, and growing up I had access to all of that experience and encouragement to create. I didn’t end up going in that direction in my career though. And I was running another business and raising my two children when my life started shifting. 

It began with a strand of tiny, blue sapphires I brought back from India in 2010. Those tiny blue sapphires ignited a desire for me to get back with my creative self. I became fascinated with gemstones and what I could do with them. So, I started creating small collections and selling them within my circle here in Napa Valley. Then one day a friend commented, “Your jewelry is so Napa Valley.” It took me off guard. What did that mean?

Napa Valley itself is founded on history and tradition yet embodies a lifestyle that is easygoing and always in motion. Alexia Viola Napa Valley collections are designed with that same sense of balance. I am in love with sparkling gemstones like, Labradorite, Moonstone and Aquamarine. And when I pair them with leather and brass beads and my own signature metal elements I am able to create pieces that are very luxurious yet versatile and easy.

It's the balance between drama and simplicity, flashy and approachable, modern and classic. I call it, Rustic Luxe.

However you’ve become the woman you are today, whether via dramatic shifts or gradual movements, my Rustic Luxe pieces are designed to enhance your own personal style and your own personal balance and to honor what it took for you to achieve it.

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