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The Journey

I’m a maker at heart. Both of my parents were artists and makers, and growing up I had access to all of that experience and encouragement to create. But life doesn't always follow the path you think it will. For me the path did not originally lead to life as an artisan but to a series of marketing jobs and then to running a software company. And then, something started to shift.

It began with a strand of tiny, blue sapphires I brought back from India in 2010. They ignited a desire for me to re-connect with my creativity. I became fascinated with gemstones and what I could do with them. And I started creating small collections and selling them to friends. Then one day someone commented, “Your jewelry is so Napa Valley.” It took me off guard at first. But then it made so much sense.

I've been immersed in everything Napa Valley for twenty three years. So when I started making jewelry, I couldn't help but be inspired by what I saw and felt every day. Everything about my life and my work is informed by the sunshine and the sweetness in the air, the soft breezes and delicate rains, the easy-going lifestyle and, of course, this community built around a strong tradition of winemaking and hospitality. And while it is founded on history and tradition and moves at a relaxed pace, life in Napa Valley is always in motion. It's a constant swirl of tradition and innovation, farm to table goodness and elevated style. Because true comfort and ease is all about balance. It's about surrounding yourself with beauty in a way that feels natural; and nurturing a desire for luxury with everyday approachability.

I am in love with sparkling gemstones like, Labradorite, Moonstone and Aquamarine. And when I pair them with leather and brass beads and my own signature metal elements I am able to create pieces that are very luxurious yet versatile and easy.

It's the balance between drama and simplicity, flashy and approachable, modern and classic that I call, Rustic Luxe. And It's my desire to share it with you when you wear my jewelry. Whether you've become the woman you are today, via dramatic shifts or gradual movements, my Rustic Luxe pieces are designed to enhance your own personal style and your own personal balance and to honor what it took for you to achieve it.

If you're interested in reading more about the source of my inspiration, read my blog post about "Why I love Napa Valley".