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Gemstone Favorites : Rich Reds & Tawnies

From rich, reds to deep pinks in garnets and sapphires to the earthy loveliness of smokey quartz and labradorite, these designs crave Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Petit Verdot and a lovely tawny port any time of year.
  • Reba Bracelet, Citrine

    $ 125.00

    • Handmade in Napa Valley, California • Quartz Gemstones - some with Smokey Quartz and Citrine in the same stone & Labradorite • African brass...

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  • Bennett Necklace, Smokey Quartz

    $ 105.00

    • Handmade in Napa Valley, California • Natural Smokey Quartz and Labradorite • Brass and Gold Plated accents • Deerskin Leather Lace * Adjustable 

  • Cabernet Necklace

    $ 75.00

    This delicate cluster of garnets are the deep, full-bodied red color we love to see in our favorite Cabernet Sauvignon.  A trio of garnets with go...

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  • Cabernet Earrings, Garnet

    $ 75.00

    These delicate earrings may not be robust like our favorite Cabernet Sauvignon but they definitely showcase the perfect, full-bodied color we like ...

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  • Opus Earrings, Garnet

    $ 135.00

    Black plated brass with garnet gemstones are a rich combination; moody and mysterious yet playful and easy-going. Gold filled ear wires, approx. 2"...

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  • Pinot Noir Necklace

    $ 275.00

    A delicata chain fashioned from deep red garnets are off-set by a petite trio of garnet drops. Just like our favorite wine varietal, this necklace ...

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