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Gemstone Favorites : Labradorite

...and the crowd goes wild. Labradorite is a perennial favorite because it is a stone that literally glows from within. Its crystals form in such a way that light bounces within the stone to give off that signature glow called, Labradorescence. An array of greys, blues, greens and even hints of purple and gold can often be seen in these amazing and dynamic stones. What's not to love?
  • Lena Bracelet, Labradorite

    $ 95.00

    • Handmade in Napa Valley, California • Labradorite gemstones • African brass beads & Antique brass accents • Lobster clasp • 7 1/2" long

  • Chiara Earrings Labradorite

    $ 95.00

    Dramatic and flashy Labradorite in a long faceted form grace this earring design. They catch the light all over the place and yet they are as perfe...

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  • SoNa Necklace Labradorite

    $ 165.00

    • Handmade in Napa Valley • Labradorite gemstone beads • Silver plated & Antique brass beads • Gold plated accents • Signature handmade clasp •...

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  • Nicoletta Necklace Labradorite

    $ 185.00

    • Handmade in Napa Valley • Labradorite and Green Amethyst gemstone drops • Handmade brass beads • Gold plated accents | Signature handmade clasp •...

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  • Kortum Necklace Labradorite

    $ 225.00

    Nested strands of sparkling, labradorite beads are paired with the softest deerskin leather laces to provide a casual elegance and versatility.Gems...

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