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Gemstone Favorites : Moonstone

When light appears to billow across the surface of a gemstone it's called, Adularescence. It's what makes Moonstone appear to glow. Whether it's a distinct, blue flash in Rainbow Moonstone or a more subtle shimmer, Moonstone is a lovely stone in jewelry and can be found in an array of earthy, beachy hues. It's timeless and always in style.   
  • Bennett Necklace, Moonstone

    Original Price $ 105.00
    Current Price $ 95.00

    • Moonstone and quartz * Brass and Gold plated accents * Deerskin leather • Adjustable • Handmade in Napa Valley, California

  • Cross Road Earrings

    $ 60.00

    Gemstone drops dangle simply from gold filled ear wires. Gold plated accents. Approx. 1 1/2" drop. Ear wires are nickel-free. Handmade in Napa Vall...

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  • Money Lane Moonstone Hearts

    $ 85.00

    This special selection of stones is being offered in a simple, wire-wrapped design. Money Lane is an idyllic little section of Napa Valley and thes...

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  • Sold out

    Moonbeam Earrings

    $ 65.00

    Flashy, rainbow moonstone drops light the way for a pair of Herkimer diamonds on each ear.  Gold-filled ear wires. Approx. 1" drop.  Handmade in Na...

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  • Christina Earrings

    Original Price $ 70.00
    Current Price $ 55.00

    Pretty, black plated brass chain is paired with pyrite and flashy rainbow moonstone in these delicate, dangle earrings. Gold-plated accents. Nickel...

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