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Gemstone Favorites : Labradorite

...and the crowd goes wild. Labradorite is a perennial favorite because it is a stone that literally glows from within. Its crystals form in such a way that light bounces within the stone to give off that signature glow called, Labradorescence. An array of greys, blues, greens and even hints of purple and gold can often be seen in these amazing and dynamic stones. What's not to love?
  • Helena Pendant Labradorite

    from $ 150.00

    Our Helena Signature Pendant necklaces are a statement in simplicity.This beautiful, labradorite gemstone penddant is bezel-set in gold vermeil, wi...

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  • Napa Bracelet Labradorite

    $ 185.00

    A trio of delicate strands of gemstone beads create a lovely layered look. Finished with our signature clasp and leather closure. Gemstones and gol...

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  • Cluster Earrings Labradorite

    $ 100.00
    1 review

    Beautiful labradorite gemstone beads are wire wrapped by hand, creating a lovely cluster dangling from sparkling, gold plated chain. Nickel free ea...

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  • Helena Bracelet Labradorite

    $ 150.00

    A lovely, simple, design, our Helena bracelet showcases gemstone cabochons that are bezel-set in gold vermeil, wire-wrapped by hand and tied to sof...

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  • Avalon Necklace Labradorite

    $ 295.00

    The Avalon necklace features nested strands of tiny, sparkling labradorite gemstones and African brass beads that offset a beautiful, wire-wrapped ...

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