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Helena Essentials

Our best-selling Helena Collection is a perennial favorite. The Helena Essentials Quick Ship Box includes eight pieces that merchandise effortlessly together. It's a great option when you have a small space you'd like to fill with something new. 

$425 | Product Details | Request Your Box

Helena Essentials Plus

The Helena Essentials Plus Quick Ship Box includes all of the pieces in the Helena Essentials box plus four more customer favorites sure to sell quickly. 

$675 | Product Details | Request Your Box

Spark of Blue Essentials

Labradorite's famous spark of blue, green and aqua tones are fast friends with aquamarine and amazonite in this lovely assortment of best sellers and new designs. Gold and silver toned metals, necklaces in various lengths and adjustable bracelets make this grouping very versatile for your most discerning customers. 

$375 | Product Details | Request Your Box

Spark of Blue Essentials Plus

The Spark of Blue Essentials Plus Box includes all of the Spark of Blue Essentials plus five more pieces, adding a little more labradorite and a little more aquamarine for those who can't get enough of their favorite gemstones!

$625 | Product Details | Request Your Box

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