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  • Liv Necklace, Aquamarine

    $ 365.00

    Moss aquamarine gemstone beads in a melange of sea blue green are paired with African brass beads and moody, black plated brass chain. Approx. 40"....

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  • Opus Earrings, Garnet

    $ 136.00

    Black plated brass with garnet gemstones are a rich combination; moody and mysterious yet playful and easy-going. Gold filled ear wires, approx. 2"...

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  • Canopy Earrings, Aquamarine

    $ 98.00

    Moss aquamarine gemstone beads in an array of sea blue hues dangle simply from gold filled ear wires. Approx. 1 1/4" drop. Handmade in Napa Valley,...

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  • Nugget Bracelet, Chalcedony

    $ 115.00

    Delicious chalcedony nugget beads are off-set by African brass beads and tied to soft deerskin leather lace. Adjustable via metal slide. Gold plate...

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  • Cluster Earrings Chalcedony

    $ 96.00

    Beautiful chalcedony gemstone beads are wire wrapped by hand and arranged in a cluster, suspended from sparkling, gold plated chain. Nickel free ea...

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  • Oakville Pendant Pyrite

    $ 198.00

    A simple strand of antiqued brass chain, with hand-wrapped crystal accents showcases a beautiful pyrite pendant, set in a gold vermeil bezel and wi...

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